The unpaved path...

That's right kids, you too can take no music lessons, waste time with a silly major that didn't allow you to jump right into course study from freshman year at your college/university, eventually drop out, be ridiculed by your family for doing so, leave your marketing job you weren't feeling and actually didn't need a degree for, see if your little piano hobby could get you some spare change, actually become a musician much later than most of your peers (and with no church gigs), travel randomly across the world with barely any cash after booking flights (not touring), somehow survive without being a hoe/getting a sugarmama or doing anything illegal/unethical, somehow manage to end up with a Masters degree (with no undergrad degree, and now your fam can't say shit lol), still not read music but can compose/produce it and somehow get it heard internationally and even get on a Spike Lee joint (surreal), be childless/single/drug-free (and I say that to impress & gain sympathy lol) and just freestyle this random mess that you just posted on social media for no other reason except it's raining out, you ate some rice to keep from ordering delivery and save cash, and you figured you had some time so...why not?? 😉 

I could have left some amazing quote about how taking a leap means I have it all now and living a $pectacular life but then I woulda looked around at my reality and said, "pligga nease"🙄 lol so figured I'd end with the real. This artist life ain't easy, and I still have a ways to go, BUT I can't say I'm not blessed, though, regardless. I don't have all I want but I know what I need is all within and more to manifest so...I'm grateful. 😌 Still pursue your passions. I don't regret it one bit 😊

(originally written October 8, 2018...and still applies)

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