Ahmed Sirour is a multi-faceted performing artist, composer, arranger, producer and mixing/mastering engineer and globe-hopping world citizen from the borough of Brooklyn, NY, USA.  He is a completely self-taught musician who learned how to play piano/keyboards by ear at the start of his 20s. He never learned to read music but became a professional musician in 2002, after quitting his 9 to 5 corporate marketing job to pursue music full-time. His musical range has covered Soul/R&B, Jazz, Funk, House (Soulful/Deep/Afro), Broken Beat, Instrumental Ballads, Rock, Alternative, Bossa Nova, Samba, Afrobeat, and much more as he loves to explore various genres. He also received a Masters degree in Audio Production from the University of Westminster, London (UK), although he never completed a Bachelors degree (go figure).

Soon after returning to New York, after living abroad in England, Ahmed was introduced (via a mutual acquaintance) to the world-renowned DJ Spinna (also a Brooklyn-native), with whom he co-produced 4 remixes back-to-back in the Summer of 2010. One of those tracks, a remix of the Bill Summer's 1977 classic, "Brazilian Skies", gave Ahmed his first ever vinyl credit, via a limited edition pressing by BBE Records (London) in what is now a rare, out-of-print recording with only 1000 copies that were released (now a crate digger favorite).

With multi-talented vocalist/songwriter/composer, Cleveland P. Jones, who first collaborated with Ahmed in 2011, they exhibited a unique musical chemistry, which can be heard on their first two singles, Twice (a cover song, originally composed by Little Dragon, that was licensed for a compilation by Universal Music Australia) and Sensitive; an original composition that would later be licensed by BBC Radio’s Gilles Peterson for his Brownswood Recordings label. 

The recordings were followed by Ahmed's debut 12-track (+2 bonus tracks) album, The After 2am Sessions LP  (2012); a primarily instrumental, slow-paced/meditative album that was a standout from project from his radio-formatted peers. He would go on to create–including original/cover/remix/instrumental projects–over 200 songs (nearly 2/3rds of which are originals)!

Ahmed has also contributed to film/tv score as one of his tracks was handpicked by iconic film director, Spike Lee, who featured Ahmed's track "We Rep Brooklyn"–an original rework of the song, "We Love Roll Call Y'all", by the director's father (composer Bill Lee) in the Netflix reboot of his debut film She's Gotta Have It  (in Season 1/Episode 2 of the series), as well as a feature on the Spotify podcast with Spike personally highlighting his favorite tracks from that first season. 

Unsigned and totally independent, Ahmed certainly follows a path that he creates as a self-taught and self-styled artist. Whether you need music to enjoy for a quiet night inside curled up with a good book or romantic company,  sweating it out during a gym workout or on a club dance floor, or driving out on the road and need something to jam to, or need music with a conscious message to relate to as well as inspire your personal philosophies...whatever your vibe may be, Ahmed Sirour may certainly have the right formula for what you need! He is, quite simply, an organically-artistic force and a musical chameleon to listen to and experience!